Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Passing on the Flame

My love affair with the music of [WhiteHeart] ignited the first time I heard [THE FLAME PASSES ON] coming through the speakers in my pick-up truck as I was headed north on MO 37 between Purdy and Monett in [Barry County, Missouri] while listening to [KADI] in 1993.  Since then, their music has helped me to [FIND A WAY] to keep going when quitting seemed to make much more sense, and I hope their music proves to be as much of a help to you.

I love some of their songs much more than others, but I would not consider any of them as being not very good.  With their style ranging from a rather soft and more traditional form of contemporary Christian music to down’n’dirty blues and heavy metal anthems, I am quite sure that there is at least one song that you will have to listen to over and over again.

Be assured that I am not trying to profit off of their success, nor would I want to without being made sure of it being okay with the band and the various labels they have recorded under over the years.  In fact, I will not even include Google Adsense on this site.

I will, however, invite you to go see what is contained on our other three sites.  [AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles] is now meant to be generally much more mainstream, [FishHawk Droppings] contains most of the books that our Heavenly Father has given me to publish in the order that they are meant to be read and [The Tribulation Times Herald-Exhorter] is meant to contain much of the stuff that far too many of the regular readers of AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles are allergic to.

Anyway, this site has a listing of the contents of the major WhiteHeart albums in the order of their release, with each song being linked to where the lyrics and the song itself can be found below.  In total, 118 of WhiteHeart’s songs are in alphabetical order below the albums, and links to both the albums and the songs can be found on the sidebar.

The embeddable MP3 players are gracious provided by [BlogDumps].  Be assured that it would do you well to go see what else they have to offer.

In regards to the lyrics, since I have never found where WhiteHeart has published them online, I am not completely confident in the accuracy of my editing.  So, if you hear something different than I do, please do not hesitate to let me know about it in a comment or an email to  Of course, I would also love to hear from those who actually know what is really being sung.

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